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Dover Boat Yard

Countryside Group Ltd - Dover Boat Yard


The Dover Boat Yard project, contracted by Walker Construction, was a brilliant example of the company's comprehensive service. The team responsible for fencing installation did an impeccable job, leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum security for the property. The new 358 security mesh fencing, bespoke anti-climb panel with Rota spike on the end, and a double leaf gate and pedestrian gate were all installed with precision and care. What's more, the double leaf gate and pedestrian gates were fabricated in the company's workshop, giving the team full control over the quality of the end product.

The gates were then painted in black marine spec paint and clad with 358 mesh panels, enhancing their durability and longevity. The bespoke infill railings and panel were fabricated to extend over the quay wall with a Rota spike anti-climb system. This bespoke system is one of the most effective anti-climb solutions available in the market, ensuring that the area is safe and secure at all times. The team was thorough in their approach and even retrofitted additional flat bar panels to prevent debris from entering the boat yard.

Overall, the Dover Boat Yard project is a testament to our commitment to delivering comprehensive and high-quality services. Our ability to fabricate bespoke solutions in-house gives us the flexibility to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our team of skilled professionals are experts in their respective fields, ensuring that every project is executed with excellence and precision.





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Walker Construction

Countryside Group Ltd - Dover Boat Yard
Countryside Group Ltd - Dover Boat Yard


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