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Stagecoach, Lea Interchange



- Hydraulic automated barriers
- Windshield tag readers
- GSM intercom and keypad


Stagecoach operates a large number of bus stations and garages across the country, with a large percentage of these based in the London area. Stagecoach are currently undertaking a full refurbishment of Lea Interchange bus garage and as part of this are renewing their security systems. Stagecoach approached Countryside via their principal contractor with the intention of removing the existing outdated barriers systems and installing a state of the art access solution to control movement around and access to site.

The main purpose of a new access system was to prevent unauthorised access to the bus garage, protecting their assets and create a physical separation between their operation and members of the public, while keeping access and egress as efficient as possible to prevent traffic build up in the local area.

Lea Interchange has a very high traffic flow with over 500 vehicles moving around site each day, so a heavy-duty system with a high duty cycle would be required to withstand this heavy traffic flow.

Countryside carried out a survey of Lea Interchange and proposed to Stagecoach that a hydraulic barrier system was installed. These systems have a continues duty cycle and an opening time of 7-10 seconds, preventing a build up of traffic while vehicles wait to gain access.

We combined this with a windshield tag system that operates using stick-on tags fitting to the windscreen of vehicles. This system allows vehicles to drive up to the barrier and gain access without having to press buttons of exit their vehicle. The readers have a reading range of 10m, allowing the barrier to fully open while a vehicle approaches it.

A GSM intercom system was also installed to allow access to site for visitors without a tag sticker installed. This style of intercom works on a mobile phone sim card, negating the need to install over 100 meters of ducting across concrete surface of the bus garage.

Along with all our automation systems Countryside also installed the required safety devices to the barriers to protect vehicles and pedestrians. Photocells sensors and ground induction loops were fitted to stop the barriers from closing onto vehicles and people.

Our groundworks division installed new ducting and reinstated the concrete surface, allowing the automation engineers to run new cabling for the barrier controls. The old and damaged cabling could then be replaced, removing the risk of cable failures and breakdowns in the future.




Temple Mls Ln, London

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