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Thames View School

Countryside Group Ltd - Thames View School


Thames View School was an incredibly exciting and challenging project that required the expertise of our different divisions to work together seamlessly. From the groundworks team that was tasked with trenching and installing new ducting infrastructure, tarmac reinstatement and creating a concrete pad for the new control panel, every aspect of the project was meticulously planned and executed.


One of the highlights of the project was the complete fabrication of double leaf gates and infill railing panels with Fleur-de-lis. Our skilled team of fabricators worked tirelessly to create gate and railing posts that were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. To complete the look, everything was finished in a sleek black powder coating that added an extra layer of durability.


Once the fabrication was complete, our automation team stepped in to install a brand-new cable system, gate motors, and a control cabinet. We also made sure to install safety motion sensors and anti-crush protection on the hinges to ensure that the gates were safe and secure.

Overall, the Thames View School project was an incredible success, and we're incredibly proud of the work that we accomplished. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was perfect, and the result was a stunning set of gates and railings that will stand the test of time.





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Countryside Group Ltd - Thames View School
Countryside Group Ltd - Thames View School


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