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Working with the client ECO Electrical Contractors at Kings School, Canterbury was an absolute delight! It was an interesting and sustainable project, where we were tasked with installing infrastructure for electrical vehicle charging. Our team started the project by excavating a 450mm deep trench, followed by the installation of new cable, sand covering with warning tape, backfilling and ground civilized. The process was meticulous and required great attention to detail.

We also excavated for the new concrete pads for chargers with prefabricated stud cages, which were all cast in situ. This ensured that the chargers were well-supported and secure. We also installed a new cast in situ concrete pad for a new feeder pillar with duct inlets and outlets.

As a team, we absolutely love working on sustainable projects, and this one was no different. It was a great opportunity for us to contribute towards a greener future by providing infrastructure for electrical vehicles. We take pride in our ability to execute such projects with precision and excellence. Our clients expect nothing but the best from us, and we are always happy to exceed their expectations. Overall, it was a fantastic experience working with ECO Electrical Contractors, and we look forward to more such projects in the future.





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ECO Electrical Contractors

Countryside Group Ltd - The King's School
Countryside Group Ltd - The King's School


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